UMAC - High Performance Controller

   • 3U Rack Type Turbo Firmware
   • 최대 32축 구성, MACRO Interface지원
   • 다양한 축제어 카드를 혼용사용가능
     - Direct PWM, +/-10V, 스텝퍼
   • 다양한 피드백 및 IO장치 구성가능
   • USB2.0/Ethernet 100Base-T를 통한 고속통신 가능
   • 초고속 CPU Option 사용가능
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TURBO UMAC CPU 는 80M, 160M, 240M로 성능에 따라 분리되어지며,


메모리를 확장할 수 있습니다.


80M - 5C0, 160M - 5E0,  240M - 5F0 라고 불리우며, 메모리 확장시 5C3, 5E3, 5F3라고 불립니다.


위 사진은 5E0 사진 입니다.



The UMAC (Universal Motion and Automation Controller) is a modular system built with a set of 3Uformat
Eurocards. The configuration of any UMAC system starts with the selection of the UMAC Turbo
CPU/Communications Board and continues with the addition of the necessary axes boards, I/O boards,
and any other interface boards selected from a variety of available accessories.
The UMAC Turbo CPU/Communications Board (part number 3x0-603766-10x) is a member of the
Turbo PMAC2 family of boards. It is software is capable of 32 axes of control. Accessory boards
installed in the UMAC Turbo system interface between the UMAC Turbo CPU/Communications Board
and the machine to output amplifier command signals, to input feedback information, and to input flags
information including end-of-travel limits and machine home sensors. Different kind of axes interface
boards can be selected to control analog ±10V amplifiers, stepper drivers and direct digital PWM