UMAC - High Performance Controller

   • 3U Rack Type Turbo Firmware
   • 최대 32축 구성, MACRO Interface지원
   • 다양한 축제어 카드를 혼용사용가능
     - Direct PWM, +/-10V, 스텝퍼
   • 다양한 피드백 및 IO장치 구성가능
   • USB2.0/Ethernet 100Base-T를 통한 고속통신 가능
   • 초고속 CPU Option 사용가능
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UMAC에 장착되는 PULSE CARD 입니다. 


4AXIS 가 있습니다.






The Acc-24E2S Axis Expansion Board provides four channels of PMAC2-style stepper interface and/or
encoder/MLDT circuitry for UMAC and Ultralite/MACRO Station controllers. The Acc-24E2S is part of
the UMAC or MACRO Pack family of expansion cards and these accessory cards are designed to plug
into an industrial 3U rack system. The information from these accessories is passed directly to either the
UMAC or MACRO Station CPU via the high speed UBUS.