UMAC - High Performance Controller

   • 3U Rack Type Turbo Firmware
   • 최대 32축 구성, MACRO Interface지원
   • 다양한 축제어 카드를 혼용사용가능
     - Direct PWM, +/-10V, 스텝퍼
   • 다양한 피드백 및 IO장치 구성가능
   • USB2.0/Ethernet 100Base-T를 통한 고속통신 가능
   • 초고속 CPU Option 사용가능
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2AXIS와 4AXIS가 있으며 필요에 따라 사용하실 수 있습니다.


위 사진은 4AXIS 사진입니다.



Board Configuration

An Acc-24E2 comes standard with one Servo IC providing four servo interface channels, which are
brought out on terminal blocks and mini D-Sub connectors. Two of these channels are brought out on the
single-board base configuration.
Each channel of servo interface circuitry includes the following:

• Two output command signal sets, configurable as either:
• One pulse-and-direction
• Three PWM top-and-bottom pairs
• AB-Quadrature and Index pulse differential/single-ended encoder input
• Nine input flags, two output flags
• Interface to two external serial ADCs, 8 to 18 bits, for current loop feedback

Option 1D: If Option 1D Piggyback Board is ordered, the circuitry and input/output connectors are
provided for the third and fourth channels associated with the Servo IC on the main Acc-24E2.